Sunday, April 12, 2009

Bored Writing: Saiyan Windows (inspired by Smitty)

(2min 52sec)

I write on the phone
in my windows
and wind blows
even thru the peep hole
you see those
Or can't see
No Tom Clanys
An optical scope and pack fanny
Givin to me by raps granny
And inside there’s guides
And if I use them right-theses no landing
I would be over the top
Never to flop
Only to flap when the soaring has stopped
The difference between gliding an drops
Stop and go -red and green
All over in spots
You can't limit or restrict what I obviously got
Or you could futily try and be shocked
Thats what you get-see the wires was hot
And to elaborate, wire are lines
Perfectly written-a legion of dimes
Guaranteed atleast a ten every time
With every mission I find
No impossible times
It really is reality-real
I write till it spillz
Forever fightin with quillz
I strike lightning at will
They sightless but still...
you could never master the skill
Saiyan with the words
With every letter I build
That more strength if I don't get killed.
That's ILL!!!!!

~wind blows!



Smitty said...

We slick beefin wit dis one


Joe Cool

Vegeta of da rap game

L.F.I.(Imaghostwriter2) said...

yea man-ima give you some props on this