Thursday, April 9, 2009

Bored Writing: Freakish Ty-Day

Sorry for the delay---heres a fresh lyric (2min 5sec)

Unexplainable...just strange deranged pain the same
Just trade lives
Tell me what you learned
Book worm-of action
Tell me what you earned
Is it worth the value of my life?
Innocence- not worth the pressures of the strife
As I write-
The chemicals in the ink will fight
They loose their sight
Which ultimately ends in plight
Well atleast fight fair-
An unreal tragedy paired with nightmares
That's it!
I give you props if you can handle it
Mental damages
Its a wonder that you're standing still
So ill!
Are you happy you're feeling deranged?
I was feeling the same
Chained in a nuthouse or squirly cage-and there achieved fame
Critically acclaimed-
By those clinically insane
Anyones in pain if forced to live more than a minute in my brain!
It feels nice to be basic
And by the way thanks for the vacation
Welcome back home-"hey buddy,I made it"
(nobody ask-an inside joke and I will not explain it)

~wind blows!


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