Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Yet another Throwback-The Coolest 2

Well like i said earlier,after i heard Lupe's The Cool track from
Food and Liquor, i wrote The Cool 2 just because i wondered what
would happen after Micheal was shot.
Before Lupe's The Cool Album came out i saw a released track
called The Coolest on HipHopDx, again i expanded the story just for kicks.
This seems like such a long time ago-here you go:


THE COOLEST 2 (based on Lupe Fiasco's The Coolest)
by: Ty Flippen aka MiMiK explanations in parethesis( )

the coolest ^igga he was-and he *KNEW IT*
conscripted up above with a budget that *WAS FLUID*
no dull supply-like a student that was *TRUANT*
his FLUID made him see and LOOP IT like a *DOZEN EYES*
flocked away from his pain like a scrub *SURPRISED* (bird when u sneek up on em)
his doom make his stronger so he loved *DEMISE*
*CIRCUMCISED*-no reproduction of his images
with a chain locked brain he would love to *LIE*
and he'd remain king because all above him *DIE*
tryed-to fight the *PAIN*-
just to *ASCERTAIN* a way to increase his *HIGH*
not the *HIGH of the SKY* or the *HIGH of the EARTH*
but that that *CONTORTS* to *REIMBURSE* that of the *UNIVERSE* (changes to increase a supernatural feeling)
the pain of the living makes it *WORSE*
but really WORTH the *CURSE*
when he *SPOKE*-he would *QUOTE*
"hustle for death no heaven for a gangsta"
laugh and *GLOAT*~closed his eyes just to see what his passion *WROTE*
followed like a prescription *NOTE*-
controlled his *SPOKES*-like religion *POPES*
a barrier could never hold him *BACK*
his enemies like Berlin would *CRACK*-but really so *EXACT*
that he could plummet from the sky *INTACT*

coolest ^igga,coolest ^igga-
and he knew that he waz
game -had his- heart
streets -had his- luv
stay fly "high guy"
didnt have no drugs
so he'd skate thru the skys
justa stay above

just a being-just a being from the *OTHA*
death was his dad and nature was his *MOTHER*
personified as 'supply' and the earth was his *'CUBARD'*
Micheal was his name and the streets was his *LOVER* (his name is 'MICHEAL' YOUNG HISTORY= 'MY COOL' YOUNG HISTORY)
"free chill, free chill" is what they *USED TO SAY*
unleashed and unlocked was the *COOLEST WAY*
chains and locked locks -the acts of a *FOOL TODAY*
"but hey they just not *MEH*"


"little weapon","little weapon"~*TOOL* of the *COOL*-
'offspring' of the game and 'king' of the *RULE*
"*VIVIDLY* there is no *ASSEMBLY* that can mimic *ME*"-
one guy~kinda like *THREE*
what cant he ACHIEVE? *BELIEVE ME* -no *NEED* like *THREE SLEEVES*
heavy debt wit livin *FEES* you GETTIN ME? ~ ya *FEELIN ME*?
Mentally....STRESS,*PAIN*,movin thru STRESSED *LANES*
he rep *FANGS* to bite *THANGS*,absorb *OC-TANE*,and propel his MACH-*TRAIN~INSANE*
that's *A LOT TO SAY* but still expressed in the *COOLEST WAY*

~ancient wind blows again

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