Saturday, January 24, 2009

Bored Writing: Pandora's Box

Hey guys here's a fresh lyric.
I was definitely listening to Illmatic while writing this.
Coulda been better-
Took me 2min 47sec enjoy...

Pandoras box
Lets unlock just a section
Out comes injections
Shots of infection
Badness all around
They kill just for action
Created only for the passion
Im laughin
They only listen to me
Trained to practice immunity
I don't like evil
But evils confusing me
Evils consuming me
Giving injections fluently
Every enemy strengthens my mentality
Another skill to my anatomy
Not for me
Only for the unexpecting world
About there daily lives
As the axis twirls
And the force from my mind makes the atlas curl
More than earthquake amazin
Not a army that could strike back
I told'em they should relax
At max I would get a scratch
Then heal in seconds
And teach them a wrathful lesson
It won't stop till they get it
They make vexin apart of me retardedly
This is pay back- so pardon me
As climb up Vengence Tree
Braches ripped outta my path
They're simple seeds
And im the epitamy of complexity
Nobodies next to me
On the top i'll be
Where only I can see...
Thanks Pandora

~wind blows!

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