Sunday, January 18, 2009

Bored Writing: Only Child

Ok i've been holding on to this for awhile trying to figure out whether i should post or not-then a friend told me i should so here it is. (3min 44sec)
Fresh Ideas
Sprung from the thoughts within
What thoughts?
No, not the thoughts of sin
Though they make you cringe
They do help you win
They do stray from trends
Lets be different
Stand out among the weak
Techniques i speak
More than overwhelm Unique
Im sorry Unique
It's like words are my friends
No words are my world
They reside where I've been
So personifications to you are symbols
I see them tremble
To me they mumble
I hum them...
One approaches me universally
While the other ignores me
One assures me
Only then can I get sleep
From an original source
No flesh
Just memory ports
No breath
Just rethink the thought
Which is more beneficial when you're left stranded,
Only similes and branded thoughts
You think there’s no invisibles-
Just wait till the phantom coughs
There’s no wishin he existed.
What's past is present
Relying on memories visions
So do you guys see what you're missin?
You're incomplete you see
A reality where no reason be
I won't explain
Just search again for me (research)
An only child-
Locked in a room with toys and a brain,
He can see it if he strains
"You can't see it?"
You're stange!
"I create my own fame"
No star paved streets,
Just Mars in my lane
Flying untamed
Reality rearranged
"Finish me"-
Fatality claims
But death is nonexistent
Remember he killed himself
Well kinda-
Suicide was the mood he felt
Seeing everyone else with pools of wealth
Strange oxymoron-
Kinda like when coolness melts
So in my world he's just his clueless self
(to be continued maybe)

~wind blows

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