Saturday, January 17, 2009

Bored Writing: Future Fame

I know its been awhile- but here you go (2 min 36 sec)
Keyboard ink
Fingers pressing with passion
Italicized words give fashion
Lashes on CAPS,
Yelling actions
Standing out with bold tactics
Rage shown in red
Impression depending on what words have said
It could be uppy:....
"Slickness makes you move like petrol
Lets go
Move it back like retro"
It could be wrathful:....
"Idiosyncrasaic imbecile
I'll finish you

And limit you to minuscule
Rage is my principal"
It could be sad:...
"Why did it have to be that way
I see that way
Now thoughts just fade away"
It could be cocky:....
"Im perfection
Rip from my ribs
I got an angel with a spinnin sword guarding my crib"
So letters have languages
What's printed entangled,
Repeated and twisted when they say so
They get it wrong though-
and didn't comprehend it
One day they learn the deepness of a sentence
Then it's good riddance
They see that it's sickness
Now they fiend for my written
To bad cuz only in your dreams do I give it
Now the law is I get paid to make you listen...
So without a bill im distant
Get it?
I'm tripin
My vision makes me wicked
Wicked meaning different
Different meaning only I can rip it
Then...put it back together again
With a pad and a pen
Or on the phone of a friend
An expected 10 from everyone reading and rereading again
Lets blog it
Now its just a meaningless trend
But never abandon it,
Shadow the Hamilton it,
I use it for emotion
Including many laments of sin
Until they kneel to the power of pen!
Everybody forced sayin: "You Win"

~wind blows!

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