Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Thoughts on 808's and Heartbreak


I have to say i disagree with the many people who dislike this album.
This album is like Sade meets Kanye or maybe even MosDef meets Kanye. I call it a Soothing Lyric.
I believe Kanye lived up to the Rhythm and Poetry name.
How ironic that that's what Rap stands for.
Seems like almost all rhythm and poetry is non existent in the Hip Hop world.
So I'd like to take this time out to thank the SUPER confident Kanye for living up to what it means to be a LYRICIST, because now days rappers, emcees and lyricist have to be separated.
I'd like to also shout out Lil Wayne for the "See you in my nightmares" track on the album.
He blacked!
He went back to the old "Sky is the Limit" mixtape days.
I give this album 4 out of 5


Charlie Hilton said...

I also think it's dope - collaboration bring it down.

L.F.I.(Imaghostwriter2) said...

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