Wednesday, December 10, 2008


This is meant to be more lyrical-take your time and read this one-
5 min 30 sec
I tried to picture man
Just to stop all the framing
Pain staking lane
My chest where's its aiming
Flesh eating sickness
That's where I part
Where its eating up the heart-
In a race to the finish-
Where it listened from the start
I thought that it was art
Then it came off the *PAGE*-
And it bit me in the dark
Now 'heartless'
I preceeded 'west'
Where the disease had left
And left 'Reason' swept
Now 'Reason's unsensible
Everything you thought that you knew-
Is no longer principle
Its more miniscule
And more violent fuel-
Added to the mix of 'Ignorance' -
The king to rule
Lets ressurect THE COOL
What a 'history'
Guillatine will limit me
So finish me with imagery
Or they could temp me with infantry
A fighting chance atleast
More like a chance to fight released
After they see the beastly me
Pouncing off of trees
An attack sprung from leaves
Creating a team diseased
Where 'I am legend'
Brutal teams of fiends
Ripped apparel and broken seams-
In my dreams is there regime
Where they dwell in my mind
And I control what they find
Let me conjure a palace
There I reside
Surrounded by knives
Encased with lives-
that fight for me to survive
Have I forgot my reality?
The stars in the galaxy?
The real souls that surrounded me?
Consciousness calls
Rather Consciousness texts
Adjust my specs to view a view correct
I think shes right
Lets escape from this
Then off guard the *PAGES * slip!
And they stepped on it

~wind blows


Anonymous said...

please explain this i can see some references to lupe and kanye i think but thats about it

L.F.I.(Imaghostwriter2) said...

ok will do