Thursday, December 4, 2008

Bored Writing: 'Crushing' Misconceptions

This is meant to be more lyrical-if you dont understand i will be happy to explain it to you. (3 minutes 45 sec)
Fingers back on the pad
Keys make impressions
Open up a door just to flea thru confessions
Learning thru the light of your life
the brightest of bright
Refreshments given to Spite
Spite now feels honored
Lets change its name to pleasure taken from pain
An extract of the opposite
just take from me!-Phlebotomist
Plus I deposited 4 from the bottomest
So lets play the game
Race away in the 'tock' of it
Attain to fame
My bad-I guess you win "a'gain'"
One more time
Just to spend more time
Maybe to see how rhymes light up your mind
Mixed emotions
The opposite of poisons and potent potions
Im just coastin
I don't think 7 was enough
Im dark skinned
but her presence makes me blush
I like the company
I love the flow of seas
I hate we had to leave
Time flies
Now its back to tragedy
When infinity ends
I guess is when thoughts will cease
Im a beast
I hope beauty doesn't turn on me
We both feel bliss
A mental kiss
Then quickly the thoughts dismissed
Shouldn't have thought that
Maybe shouldn't have have wrote this
But released emotions is what keeps me focused
I care too much
I think too much
What's discussed?
I must disrupt
'did you know'
I guess were crushing
What should we do next
Why should we move left
You're right 'i.d.k.' yet
But I must close step
Or conscious might leave weps
That hurt too bad
Now in a flash I feel harassed
What will they think
Do I really care
I never do swear
But these questions make me scared
I will fare
You can't compare
Or begin to sit on Ty's life chair
So I retreat to my lair

~wind blows


Charlie Hilton said...


Free Beats:

Sunny said...


I know what you are talking about mister. I understood your lyrics perfectly!

: ]

L.F.I.(Imaghostwriter2) said...

wow-thank you guys!

Anonymous said...

That was schweet! I wanna hear it!!!!

L.F.I.(Imaghostwriter2) said...

lol the smiley face gave u away sunshine-lol

Dominique said...

ill as helll, i love it. love the content