Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Bored Writing: Aqua-Poetry ft. Sunshine

This is a little poem I did on the ship with one of my fav. friends. (Sunshine)
As I always say this is not meant to be the best written lyric ever.(this poem especially because I wrote it with an unexperienced writer). It gets good!-lol i wrote the end

Chilaxing on the cruise with nothing to do
Waiting for the next big thing to pursue
Emotions run wild leaving blanks and clues
Sounds of soulful jazz bands singin the blues
Deeper . Deeper we move into the wide blue sea
while the view enchantes me- a spirited plea
And ideas of the ignorant give thoughts of lostness
Dead,decayed,deferred like those in coffins
But who can be completely relaxed with this troubled world
Twirled with the innocence of young boys and girls.
Whose salvation is unrelentlessly unfurled and then hurled
Hello world
Goodbye desire and dumb attire
The lake of fire!
Destoyed in the midst
Victory and all remnant of defeat is dismissed
You're on the list
Leaked onto lips
Passed away
No rememberance
Why even finish this?
Irony contributes then
An abandoned pen
Sold by a gambling friend
Who just happed to win big and return a whole octopus
Twice as toxic- with
More to the locknessess
Secrets that will fold
Or dissolve like losenges
Just abolish it!

~wind blows!