Saturday, October 25, 2008

Still Bored.... THREE MINDS

Bored Rambling... 3 minutes

A breeze when spittin
I leave u lifted
sprees that's gifted
in changed decisions
that rip with tension
and devise precision
I'm a giant and you're no David
I am Goliath fused with Satan
save it
that's futile but basic
a lesson learned you will get burned if you chase it.
nah erase it
you will get burned if you face it,
hate complacent,
be sure to cover all bases like rapist,
pace it,there's no need for braces when u tasteless-
and no products of green makes you cakeless
unless you take it so stop fakin.
I create a mentality opposite of factions of retracting seas,
destroying reality, and creating ever standing fallacies.
my thought process reigns in a stretch of many galaxies
until the winners of the rule start attacking me,
Misconceptions and imperfections like lines in the curb,
never minded I stay fly like when maggots emerge

Luv Ta Luv Ya!

~wind blows

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