Sunday, October 26, 2008

Another bored quickie ramble

Bored Again. so ill post till i get comments (5 min)

with the way Im puttin verses together,
immersed with the curses of letters,
subsurface purpose to never,
believe in birds of a feather,
words of the brethren veteran
no medicine levelin the sickest menace-in the form of a human
, speakin in beats im consumin,
not from Milwaukee, but brewin Bucks to keep me out of ruin
my pen is fluent in fire,
a chosen few are hired, to Pass the Roc,
the hottest crew no matter who retires
letter leviathin, rippin the booth that-Im-up-in,
sittin sippin the heinekin,
designin rhymes and dimes-again
the finest highnesses,
you wanna add to my minuses?,
lyrical style astonishes enough to clear your sinuses
i am the killer columnist,
sinister meets apocolypse,
venemous fluid gargle-ist,
no other choice but honor-this
really i am laniary-makin you lamentable
when i lacerate-just tearin up ya physical
make you into words-break you into syllables
eat up ya rhymes like figurative minerals
im critically acclaimed by the clinically insane
anyone's in pain-when forced to live more than a minute in my brain.

Luv ta Luv ya!

~wind blows

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