Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Introducing: George Cursive L


Music is the best thing to emulate my swagger,
Young tall and lovely dressin sharper than a dagger.
Sharp just like the tongue when i'm cuttin through these actors.
Fakes get no love cause they're really not a factor.
Instrumentals playin in my head to my actions.
Gotta have heart to be inducted to the faction.
Music is my heart and the violin's my passion.
Smiling all the time cause being down is outta fashion.
Flashin on the scene like it's thunder that was crashin.
Like i'mspittin after Flippie, don't believe then ask him.
Everything i've written has been leaving someone smitten.
They just have to realize to get in where they fit in.
No i do not freestyle but i swear i do be spittin.
Fittin, cause even free verse poetry is written.
"On to the next" is the beat that i am killin,
Beasting on the track, i'm forever blood spillin.

George Cursive L (CR)

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