Thursday, January 14, 2010

Bored Writing: Men Don't Cry

Men don't cry
Bottle it up and die!
Except that one time
..On the bus after goodbye
Yea its funny now
Why so emotional?
Why so serious!?
How do you 'feel' when 'senses' are 'unsensitive'?
Dictionaries say 'insentient'
But im 'not really feelin it'
Ironic aint it being that im typing this
Do i 'sense' what i 'write'
You knoooe...'feel' what i right
Atleast with my 'right'
The side of the dominant type
And thanx 'brandUn'...but i aint flyin a kite
I mean im not gonna enjoy it 'righ'
Plus i cant even see it at night
And it seems night is my life
Its gonna be an 'odd future'
"No narcissist,sippin on arsenic"
If you dont understand..dont try
These lyrics are emotional standby
I let it slide by ONE time
but really men dont cry..
You 'lyin' if it dont hurt your 'pride'
But see there was just some chaff in my eye

~wind blows!


Seth said...

damn. phrasing that gets sicker when u think about it... this is like some shit i would write and not use cuz i would brighten up and stop whining about my day ya know.. but it's still quality. u could turn it into something

L.F.I.(Imaghostwriter2) said...

thanx dawg

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I wonder why I can be so mean/Maybe its apart of my being/Just me..being me/I'm not a gem/I'm not even the starter rock from which a diamond came/I'm like acid rain/I'm good at causing pain/Opening wounds/Words spilling from my mouth can slice and dice/It sometimes takes effort to say something nice/Me, a wife?/Ha/Not in this life/I know the stuff I do/The stuff I say and use isn't right/I know rather then makin amends I start a fight/Buuut..look on the bright side/At least I admit it/..but that wont lead me to havin your forgiveness/Maybe a stronger form of resentment/I rather be alone then to ever be rejected!!/I'm like a disease and you're infected/Pure nickle liquid and you've been injected/If you were my kid I'd leave you neglected/-im not responsible/Im not mature/Maybe you should find someone better suited to be yours/Someone more deserving of your love/Because you're lost in my darkness/-and this is me lending a hand/If you don't get out now../You'll never have a chance to love freely again/You'll always have up a wedge before letting someone in/A lock with a lost key/You think I'm gonna let you go through all that because of me???

L.F.I.(Imaghostwriter2) said...


L.F.I.(Imaghostwriter2) said...

That was an excellent lyric Miss... you know what i really wanna call you <3

Ty said...

You were right. Im a lock with a lost key. Still searching for the old me.