Sunday, November 15, 2009

Journal Poetry: Lightnin Script

A perfect disappointment
"I can change your mind!"
But then again that's 'words'
What's the 'meaning defined'?
Hopefully 'unbenign'
Won't you 'come right back'?
That's 'bad'...
Soooo still worth collapse
Broken backs
'Mj's...I want you back'
Emotional culdesac
'No nose'
But 'YES' infact!
I'm Superglue© attached
And in its best environment
Heated..then chilled..strait mighty grip
Why even fight with it?
Kick rocks..skip..hop
Uh..write abit
Im just runnin from the lightning script
"look our anniversary!".*BOOM*.no exciting gift
What you 'read'..what you 'see'..isn't a 'cry' for it
I guess I only got a 'eye' for it
"oh that's just the glasses"
Just wait until the lenses drip
This love could make the lenses rip
Subtle retreat..mended it
A failing achievement
Uncomfortably decent...

~wind blows!

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