Thursday, October 15, 2009

Bored Writing: Insentient Finale

The most insentient finale
Five mark tallied
Gone with the wind
Hurt kinda badly
Cryin while laughing
Unreflexive on compassion
And lackadaisical reactions
But im fine just fine
Livin with no thought
Only physicals in mind
Breathing undefined
Unnatural digress?
"Mommy! How come air only fills his chest?"
And ask the scientist:
"Why is it humane to live distressed"
*long wait*
Smh...guess they aint found out just yet
But im different!
Well I want to be different
Is it optimism-or just pure ignorance
Either way I've learned
Dreams aren't reality
Life is harsh
And the future's a fallacy
Not with technology
Only cold hearted souls
Insentient catastrophe's
*Tear falls*..
Just walk away!
And now you can laugh at me...

~final rainy wind blows!

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