Tuesday, August 18, 2009

JQ - Quite The Contrary


Ok, so i finally dropped my EP. I spent my WHOLE SUMMER working on it, so i hope all this effort won't be in vain. So far, i've gotten nothing but positive feedback, but ANY feedback is appreciated. I love making good music, and i offer something different, and i promise you won't be dissappointed by it.

Oh, and it features fellow LiveLyricism author, Mr. brandUn DeShay.

So yea, i hope you guys enjoy listening to it as much as i enjoyed making it.



L.F.I.(Imaghostwriter2) said...

Downloading now dawg!

DopeNess said...

Yahhhh nig!

THIS is crack.

L.F.I.(Imaghostwriter2) said...

Fresh Tape Dawg

JQ said...

haha, thanks guys