Saturday, August 22, 2009

Journal Poetry Vault: Luke's Happy Food

Another release from the Journal Poetry Vault©

One day over with

But its killing me-it's death
You feelin me enough?
I can't depress any harder
Can pain go any farther?
Unless its physically and mentally-
Like "Luke im am your father,
And Im the one that got burned by that lava"
You know im 'touchy'-
How you gonna 'cut off my hand'?
I hope that after this jumps off,we land
And ofcourse we stand
Under an alter
I know that we will get thru
Well I know me
And I kinda know you
Any new rules to diffuse my dull mood?
A step down plan would be 'Cool'
But not like 'cigarettes'
Welll I am addicted-yes
But no patch could make me think less
Im really in distress
Can't be healed with nothin that humans can make
What you S.E.H.?
Only livin with her in an extraterrestrial state
Tried to hide it
But people see in my face
Like:you aight?-you cool?-are you feelin ok?
But does it matter?
Can you take my feeling away?
Oh! Im wrong!?
Cut off your arm!
But after 30 days you can sew it back on
Yea-so tell me I shouldn't feel this way!
Most shake their heads and just walk away
Don't take it personal
But these feelings are personal
Annnd I might say some things that may hurt a few
But hey its not aimed at you
Altho I did maim and bruise
My feelings are just plain confused
This is what what missin love can do
What no kiss can say
What no hugs can move
Dag maybe Ty's love is rude...
Or maybe he should just eat-
and call it happy food
Who can share Skywalkers mood?

~wind blows

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