Sunday, August 30, 2009

Bored Writing: Tears of Acrimony

Most certainly!
Kill me with animosity
Triple A!
Antipathy Asperity Astringency
Belligerent bitterness and malevolence
Pure malice and mordancy causing causticity
Evilly corrosive and cynically supercilious mysteries
As I indifferently explore the unapproachable-
Unresponsive and antisociable
Still frivolous missin ms seemingly unemotional
While friends quietly coaching you
Oh its just a rapture of words
Take in and then splurge
Altho silent but blatantly heard
Encrypted unlearned
Until the pages are burned
Past tense
A crazed mans wrathful rappin
Until theres no air
Voices bathed in plastic
Vocal chords stretched by wretched acid
Broke out
Just the mouth
The rest is trapped in
'why don't you just break free'
*Sarcastic back hand*
Fighting is futile for a trying black man...

~swolb dniw

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