Thursday, May 21, 2009

Inspired by Lauryn Hill's "Superstar" (freestyle)

Hey, my name is Hannibal, my moniker/ alias is Lyrical Laureate you can find me @ or shouts to TyLFI for encouraging me to post and share with y'all

The following is a throwback, cuz i wrote this the night of a Lauryn hill concert i went to. I kept playin on my ipod "Superstar" thats the wickedesttt song!

"Hip hop, started out in the heart, now everybody tryna CHART.."
" c'mon baby light my fireee/ Everything you drop is so tired/Music is supposed to inspire/ so how come we aint getting no higher?

Superstar (freestyle)

Verse 1: Hannibal aka Lyrical Laureate

How come you aint gettin' higher? im spittin fire
you riffin', kickin the same shyt you was spittin prior
im from the hood, where they strippin' tires
smitten liars,/ y'all bout as funny as gettin Pryor//
da industry hears no evil and sees none * :'see no evil hear no evil' (Richard Pryor movie):
we numb, to niggaz shootin' faster than pre-cum// (pause)
but i SHOOT the gift, wit exclusive shyt
i SERVE dem BARS, -so you should tip *:bartender:
-wit tender ($), your flame lies low like embers
surrender!, it dont even matter ya gender//
the splendor/ -of my rhymes are clear
imma rocket to the top while you climb the stair //...
its time to grind this year/despite the blows we're dealt
and theres nowhere else... to find this flair!
they try to bind us here/ but we kno where to go..
cause we got the past to remind us where//
-we deeply rooted/ and nutured here
..perservered, when countless peeps refuted//
i got peeps recruited,/ we the raw regime
wit hip-hop dead i wish its all a dream

Hook (2x)
Come on baby, light my fire
Everything you drop is so tired
Music is supposed to inspire
So, how come were not getting no higher?

Lauryns rap lyrics from the song are mean and vicious lol
check her lyrics here:

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