Saturday, February 14, 2009

Bored Writing: Tomorrow Today

Short Lyric:
The lyric is about a kid who is 7 years old 1 million days from now.
hmmmm... (1min 23sec)

We excavated Escalades from cascades and caves
Frozen tundra’s-permafrost
Its been 1 million days
Our ancestors graves are simply the ways of waves
I’m in second grade
Today we learn calculus… then tomorrow's pay
My brother just retired-he'll be 16 today
And my father's been passed-1 year to date
I got 3 hovercrafts with neon plates
People front with l.e.d.'s- but those are fake
We time travel-only back to the past
The first guy that went came back and laughed
Dag-so props to the future
And in words of the first guy "they still use rulers?!"


~wind blows!


Cool Musik said...

yo i loved it cant wait 2 hear more well read more but i got a crazy as idea dat i kno 4 a fact u will jump 4 i have da email typed i jus need your email adress fuck wit me


Charlie Hilton said...

That's a really ill concept.

I dig that.