Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Bored Writing REPOST: 'Usher'ing Dead Sick Symptoms

Just to hold you while I'm writing...

Can you tell I was listening to Charles Hamilton while I was writing this? lol.Not to be cocky but no I didn't put my all into it. I had fun writing it though.Thoughts? (2min 23sec)



Im 'dead sick'
Can't you see me-'coffin'?
The dead part of life
Lives on when I write
I guess the pen is the doctor
And ink is medicinal
Dispensed with a click of the writing tool
And the medicine happens to be 'lighter fuel'
It figures
Because none of what I write is 'cool'
Am I a fool for using flames as a cure?
Sometimes it helps
Other times its burns even more
Thanks Usher
Ill 'let it burn'
But never a 'confession'
Just pleads for a blessing
A bolt lock arrived
Comprised of lessons and lies
Lies was the 'key'
It only 'turns into' lessons
Im messin
'You don't gotta call' me crazy
Just thoughtful maybe...
...says my lady
Shouts to you if you give this a peek
Or maybe I shoulda said friend of me
I promise that was unplanned
Rather i'll drop off and land
'Coast' to a different topic, 'tropics' or 'sand

~reposted wind blows!


santino groves// said...

that was fucking dope man.

L.F.I.(Imaghostwriter2) said...

thanx-be sure to follow me