Monday, December 15, 2008

Broken Art Explaination (as requested)

you ask : "WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?"
I tried to picture man
Just to stop all the framing
Pain staking lane
My chest where's its aiming
Flesh eating sickness
That's where I part
Where its eating up the heart-
In a race to the finish-
Where it listened from the start
I thought that it was art
Then it came off the *PAGE*-
And it bit me in the dark
Now 'heartless'
I preceeded 'west'
Where the disease had left
And left 'Reason' swept
Now 'Reason's unsensible
Everything you thought that you knew-
Is no longer principle
Its more miniscule
And more violent fuel-
Added to the mix of 'Ignorance' -
The king to rule
Lets ressurect THE COOL
What a 'history'
Guillotine will limit me
So finish me with imagery
Or they could temp me with infantry
A fighting chance atleast
More like a chance to fight released
After they see the beastly me
Pouncing off of trees
An attack sprung from leaves
Creating a team diseased
Where 'I am legend'
Brutal teams of fiends
Ripped apparel and broken seams-
In my dreams is there regime
Where they dwell in my mind
And I control what they find
Let me conjure a palace
There I reside
Surrounded by knives
Encased with lives-
that fight for me to survive
Have I forgot my reality?
The stars in the galaxy?
The real souls that surrounded me?
Consciousness calls
Rather Consciousness texts
Adjust my specs to view a view correct
I think shes right
Lets escape from this
Then off guard the *PAGES * slip!
And they stepped on it

Ok guy's heres the explaination :

The lyric is about an artist who creates and artform. The artform comes off the page and attacks him. The art pulls the artist into the art where the artform tries to destroy the artist. Ironicly the picture the artist paints or writes is a picture showing the 'good' in mankind. The first way the artform tries to kill the artist is the guillotine. Then the artform changes its mind and decides to make the artist face a whole army 1000 to 1. Reality, Unsensibleness,Ignorance, and Consciousness are all personified. The artist ends up figuring out he can control the world. Every soldier that attacks him is affected with a disease that in turn make them join the authors side. Time passes and the artist becomes king of the land. Soon the artist is contacted by Consciousness and remembers that he left Reality behind. When the artist tries to escape from this world of art, the pages slip and someone steps on it making it "rip" also a pun on 'rest in peace'. The other references to Kayne and Lupe made the story just a little more fun to write. Any other questions?

~wind blows


Anonymous said...

hey i really appreciate this blog. lyricists arent really around in hip hop anymore, yeh people have lyrics.. but most of that shit doesnt make since.. keep hope alive my nig.. holla back

L.F.I.(Imaghostwriter2) said...

no prob man.